Unchained X-Series

Discover a new world where you are in
control of your data and privacy

    Unchained Pro-Series

    • Laptop: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 7
    • Processor: Intel Core i7-1255U
    • RAM: 16GB LPDDR5-5200
    • Storage: 512GB SSD M.2 2280 PCiex4 NVMe Opal2
    • Display: 14" FHD (1920x1200) Multi-Touch
    • Graphics: Intel Iris Xe
    • Webcam: IR Cam w/ Privacy Shutter
    • Warranty: 3 Years On-site Limited Warranty
    • Durability: Mil-SPEC Military Test Passed
    • Brand New Laptop

Starting at $2999 USD

We provide our service through applications only so that we can make sure our clients receive exactly what they need.

Optional Privacy Plus Upgrade: $499 USD
  • Access to Private Self-Support Website (Articles, Videos, Screenshots)
  • Access to Private Community (Updates, Tips)
  • All our recommended apps pre-installed
  • Priority Support
  • 12 Months Support (Extendable)
  • 1 Year Mullvad VPN Subscription

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Opt-out of Big Tech Surveillance in 3 Easy Steps

We are not here just to ride the hype, we have been around for more than 3 years and have been teaching people about privacy for over 10 years.

We have successfully assisted clients all over the world (including USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Norway, Australia, Mexico, Thailand, Cambodia, Colombia, Paraguay, and many more…).

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    Choose your Device and Apply

    The application form allows us to review your needs and determine the best way to assist you with the migration process.

    We aim to get back to you within 48 hours.

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    Once your details have been reviewed one of our highly experienced team members will reach out to you via the contact method provided in your application form (Email, Signal, Telegram, etc).

    Once you are ready we will send you a payment request to finalize your order.

    Alternatively, we can answer any questions or address any concerns you may have or organize a call to chat about your specific needs.

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    Once your order has been finalized and shipped, we will send you a tracking number.

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The Benefits of
The Privacy Laptops

Backed by the powerful Linux Mint OS which features:

  • No Apple, Google, and Microsoft apps and services by default.
  • It's your computer, your rules. This is a key principle at Linux Mint. They don't collect data. You're the boss.
  • & much more.

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All our privacy laptops when purchased with the Privacy Plus Package come with the latest security and privacy apps that are unparalleled when compared to standard laptops.

Standard Phones

  • Bloated with pre-installed proprietary software (Cortana, Microsoft, Google, Apple).
  • The laptop OS and applications monitor your traffic, online behaviour, and usage (proprietary software).
  • Weak control over permissions and what applications can access.
  • Poor security and privacy features, pre-installed with spyware (Chrome, Microsoft Services, Apple services).
  • Does not protect your ability to express ideas and share information.

Privacy Plus

  • An open-source and secure operating system recognized for its high standards (Linux).
  • Protected against public WiFi and other networks with the use of a VPN.
  • Your laptop, your choice. Customize your laptop as you wish without restrictions.
  • Pre-loaded with the best open-source apps to enhance privacy and security (Privacy Plus).
  • Built to protect freedom of speech and access to information.

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Join thousands of digital ninjas from all over the world who have opted out of big tech data collection and taken control of their privacy.

First of all, let's talk Customer Service.I am nearly 70 y/o and rate UI's CS as one of the finest experiences in my entire life. Patient answers, clear communication, and superb documentation made selecting a phone and getting it seamlessly integrated with my mobile provider sooo much easier than I anticipated. The phone itself, a Pixel 6?

I am still on the learning curve to optimize my use of it. (Not surprising, I was using a Blackberry for years). But it feels good in my hand and the everyday applications serve me well. Good battery life and the digital keypad has been rather easy to get used to after my Blackberry.

Blackberry to Pixel

As a relative newcomer to the privacy tech space last year, UI were patient, thorough and professional in answering my questions and outlining technicalities. They kept me up to date throughout the order process and have continued to provide clear, friendly support post-sale.

My Lenovo laptop works brilliantly, and I'll never go back to mainstream tech. Highly recommended!

Windows to Linux Mint (Laptop)

Unchained Innovations is a highly knowledgeable team of professionals. Their phones and laptops come fully setup and ready to go with all the privacy features one could ask for. Not only that, all their products are brand new. Their customer support is superb and are able to answer all questions to assist in the purchase and after sales service. I know this as i am a totally satisfied customer and supporter. Highly recommended.

Wake Up and Unplug
Windows to Linux Mint (Laptop)

I got one of their Pixel 6 pro phones and am super happy with it. The phone comes fully setup with all the privacy installed. As long as you stick with privacy apps and FOSS, your good to go. I also really like their case and screen protectors. Great Stuff!

Chris M
iPhone to Pixel

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions please use the contact page.

What type of laptop do you configure?

We use the Lenovo X-Series due to their proven tested military standards, and quality engineering. They are great laptops that have been used due to their design and overall performance.

Absolutely! We take special care to make sure that all aspects of the laptop are secure and safe before sending it out to you. We only use brand new laptops to ensure that our clients receive a quality product.

We use Elementary OS or linux Mint due to their proven track record and compatibility for people coming from macOS or Microsoft Windows.

Our platform itself is entirely open source, and it’s built upon a strong foundation of Free & Open Source software (like GNU/Linux). Plus, we actively collaborate within the ecosystem to improve it for everyone.

Elementary OS

Linux is compatible with most apps that are focused on security and privacy, though in some cases where a person requires Adobe Suite or gaming requirements, Linux has limited services to match the capabilities of macOS or Windows. For this reason, we ask our clients to go through the application form so that we can ensure their desired apps work with the Linux platforms.

The laptop will have Tor Browser, LibreWolf, Brave Browser, Mullvad VPN, Signal, Telegram, Protonmail, Element Messenger, Password Manager, Wasabi Wallet, and many more privacy and security apps pre-installed.

Unfortunately most laptops, whether Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS are shipped with copious amounts of trackers and third-party software. The good news is that we have the tools and custom OS for people that are seeking an ecosystem that prioritizes privacy and security above all. Welcome to the parallel society.

Absolutely! All the software and apps installed on the laptops are open-source and publicly available. Privacy is a human right, over 130 countries have constitutional statements regarding the protection of privacy, in every region of the world. We all have the natural right to communicate and share opinions, thoughts, and information. Privacy allows for norms, ethics, and laws to be freely discussed, tested, challenged, and evaluated. Democracy, therefore, cannot flourish and develop, nor indeed exist, without privacy.

Being able to make decisions privately without being scrutinized – and controlling how and to what extent that private information is communicated to others – is at the very core of personhood and individuality. A lack of privacy can lead to self-censorship and therefore a loss in a piece of who you are.