Unchained Privacy Course

Discover a new world where you are in
control of your data and privacy

Re-Claim Your Digital Privacy & Freedom

In collaboration with Bittopia University.

Empower yourself and learn how to protect your personal data in a connected world. One of the most important skills to master, unlock your inner ninja and enhance your security and knowledge, learn how you can control your own data and freedom.

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Your Digital Footprint Is Bigger Than You Realize

Privacy is not an option & it shouldn't be the price
we accept for just getting on the internet

Being able to make decisions privately without being scrutinized – and controlling how and to what extent that private information is communicated to others – is at the very core of personhood and individuality.

Data is the world’s most valuable resource, it’s the lifeblood of every business, and when it comes to your personal data, it’s essential to treat it like the valuable asset it is.

If we are going to build a brighter future for data sharing and collaboration, we need a foundation of security and privacy that fundamentally respects and protects our data.

Many people ask themselves
  • How can we get away from big tech?
  • How do I stop contributing to data collection?
  • How do I re-claim my digital privacy and security?
  • How do I use technology without losing my sovereignty?.
And more often we are being asked, what is digital privacy and how do I apply and enhance it in my everyday life?

Privacy allows for norms, ethics, and laws to be freely discussed, tested, challenged, and evaluated.

Democracy, therefore, cannot flourish and develop, nor indeed exist, without privacy.
— Mullvad

For those who are ready to answer the call...

Learn how to re-claim your digital privacy and freedom.

In this course
you will learn:

The course will go through the following topics, so you can apply these methods and decentralized apps to protect your data and gain your freedom back.

  • Using a password manager to securely create and manage account
  • Moving away from Gmail and looking into alternative solutions
  • Exploring friendly alternatives for messaging apps
  • Protecting your right to free speech and expression
  • Limiting data collection
  • Replacing iCloud, Dropbox, and Google with privacy-respecting solutions
  • Why not all VPNs are the same and how to select a good service
  • What are De-Googled phones and how do they work
  • Going beyond Windows and macOS laptops

and much more!

Course Content

Course Includes:

39 Videos

Bittopia Certificate

9 Chapters

Future NFT

2 Quizzes

Access to Mentor

  • 0.1 Why Privacy is Important
  • Local Privacy Law
  • 1.1 How to Make a Password That You Can Remember
  • 1.2 How to Store Passwords in a Secure Way
  • 1.3 Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • 2.1 How to Setup a Secure Email
  • 2.2 What is End to End (E2E) Encryption and How to Use It
  • 2.3 Why Encryption is So Important for Your Privacy and Security
  • 2.4 Overview: Passwords, Security & Privacy
  • 3.1 Privacy & Liberty: Alternative to Facebook, WhatsApp, and More
  • 3.2 Messaging Applications: The Need for Privacy
  • 3.3 Open Source vs Closed Source
  • 3.4 Limiting Data Collection
  • 3.5 Telegram: Avoiding Scams and Enhancing Your Privacy
  • 3.6 Protecting Telegram Groups and Channels
  • 3.7 Moving from SMS to Signal
  • 3.8 Telegram & Signal Vs WhatsApp and Facebook
  • 3.9 Threema & Status: Benefits & Limitations
  • 3.10 Messaging Applications: Centralization Vs Decentralization
  • 3.11 Decentralization in Business: Element & Decentralized Matrix network
  • 3.12 Wicker: Should You Consider It?
  • 4.1 Should we be using Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team?
  • 4.2 Moving Away From Zoom: Meet Jitsi
  • 5.1 Cloud Storage: Moving Away From iCloud, Google Drive & Dropbox
  • 5.2 The Future of Cloud Storage is Decentralized
  • 6.1 Introduction to VPNs
  • 6.2 Not All VPNs Are the Same
  • 6.3 People Think They Know What a VPN is, but Do They?
  • 6.4 Bypassing Censorship & Content Restrictions
  • 6.5 How a VPN Protects Your Privacy
  • 6.6 Free VPNs? Why You Should Avoid Free VPNs
  • 6.7 Three of Choosing the Right VPN
  • 6.8 Decentralized VPNs: The Future of Privacy
  • 7.1 What are Trackers & Limitations of Microsoft Edge & Google Chrome
  • 7.2 Some Ways to Stop Being Tracked Online
  • 7.3 Enhancing Your Privacy with Extensions
  • 7.4 Benefits of Tor Browser & Why You Should Avoid Using Tor Through Brave
  • 8.1 Privacy for Mobile Phones
  • 8.2 GrapheneOS vs. Other Options: Which One Is Right?
  • 8.3 Breaking Through the Illusion of Choice & Embracing Parallel Societies
  • Which Privacy Phone?